Type C 3.1 To HDMI Converter


Key Features:

1) Supports HD/HQ Resolution Of Up To 1080p

2) Sleek Compact Designed

3) Fastest Streaming Via USB 3.1 Type C


1x 3.1 USB Type C Input

1x HDMI Output

Package Includes:

1x USB-C 3.1 To HDMI Converter



Description: Type C 3.1 To HDMI Converter –


This Converter Turns The USB 3.1 Type C Port Of Your Pc Into An HDMI Output. It Can Be Used To Extent Your Display Using Your Computer’s USB 3.1 Type C Port Instead Of The Graphic Card’s HDMI Port. It Maintains The Transmitted Resolution Rate And Provides Fast Streaming With USB 3.1 Type C.


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